The effect of deep brain structure modeling on transcranial direct current stimulation-induced electric fields: An in-silico study

Chae-Bin Song, Cheolki Lim, Jongseung Lee, Donghyeon Kim, Hyeon Seo 2023 EMBC | 발행연도 2023.07.24



To study transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and its effect on the brain, it could be useful to predict the distribution of the electric field induced in the brain with given tDCS parameters. As a solution, simulation with realistic computational models using magnetic resonance images (MRIs) have been widely used in the fields. With the recent advance of deep learning-based segmentation techniques of the brain, questions have been raised about if tDCS-induced electric field is affected by the deep brain structures. This study aimed to investigate the effect of the deep brain structure modeling on the induced electric field. To this end, we generated models with and without the deep brain structures by using an open MRI dataset comprising tDCS parameters, electric field simulation results and in-vivo intracranial recordings in the deep brain structures. We investigated the difference between the simulation results of the two models with a statistical analysis. Our results indicated that tDCS-induced electric fields and current flow in the brain are significantly different when the deep brain structures are considered.